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Military and Aerospace Cables - HP7/M16878 MIL-W-16878 - Type DN/M16878/19 Thermocouple Wire MIL-W-16878/19

SCC Type DN Thermocouple Wire MIL-W-16878/19

SCC Type DN thermocouple wire MIL-W-16878/19 conductors are selected, matched, and calibrated in accordance with ANSI and ISA calibration standards. SCC uses specially engineered and applied thermoelement insulations. These thermocouple insulations provide maximum electronic, electrical, and environmental protection. Depending on the construction selected, the thermocouple wires are suitable for a wide range of temperature sensing applications.

Color-coded SCC thermocouple cables conform to American National Standards Institute and Instrument Society of America standards for ease of calibration identification. All thermocouple wires are calibrated with standards traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. This is for conformance to ANSI and ISA limits of error. SCC offers a broad range of insulation and jacket materials for its thermocouple wires, as well as special limits of error calibration on special request. We manufacture an extensive line of high performance thermocouple wire and cable.

At Specialty Cable Corporation, we combine our engineering and production skills to assure the highest repeatable quality.

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M16878/19-BRL-0 M16878/19BRL0 NYL BRD JKT, 3000V, 105C Learn More Get Quote

All high temperature wire and cable is also available multiconductor, shielded and jacket constructions. The cable designs in this listing represent our standard product line. If you require special modifications or unique designs, Specialty Cable's engineers can create cables for the most demanding applications. For custom applications please contact us.