Military and Aerospace Cables

Military and Aerospace Cables - AS22759/M22759 - M22759/93 MIL-W-22759/93 SAE AS22759/93

M22759/93 MIL-W-22759/93 SAE AS22759/93 High Temperature Aircraft Hookup Wire

M22759/93 MIL-W-22759/93 SAE AS22759/93 is a specially designed high temperature aircraft wire offering strong resistance to flame and abrasion. The M22759/93 MIL-W-22759/93 SAE AS22759/93 family of wires provide critical high temperature flame resistance, performing at up to 200°C in harsh environmental conditions. MIL-W-22759/93 is geared toward modern military, commercial, and aerospace applications.

Characteristics of the M22759/93 MIL-W-22759/93 SAE AS22759/93 include:

  • Stranded, small diameter silver coated extra high strength copper alloy conductor
  • Dual layer, composite PTFE/polymide/PTFE tape, PTFE tape insulation according to MIL-STD-681
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Lightweight, but with high break strength
  • Rated for 600V and 200°C

At Specialty Cable Corporation, we combine our engineering and production skills to assure the highest repeatable quality. Emphasis is placed on the manufacturing of high performance products, available in both standard and customer constructions. All cables are built to function effectively under the most adverse conditions and each meets or exceeds rigid government standards and industry codes.

If you require special modifications or unique designs, SCC can create special cables for the most demanding applications.
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All high temperature wire and cable is also available multiconductor, shielded and jacket constructions. The cable designs in this listing represent our standard product line. If you require special modifications or unique designs, Specialty Cable's engineers can create cables for the most demanding applications. For custom applications please contact us.